typewriterYour company blog.

Are you providing a compelling reason around why your audience should engage with it?

No or not sure? A huge opportunity to tell your company’s story maybe being lost. Blogging is a key means to increase your potential client base and ultimately your bottom line.

Blogging started in the late-1990s as a medium for people to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and opinions. Now, it is a key digital channel for people and brands to build their digital profiles and drive business. Everyone, from government to Justin Bieber lovers, is blogging. It all adds up to the fact that you and your organisation need to be blogging really well.

But how best to go about it?

What to say, and how to say it?

These are the questions we’re here to help you answer.

What’s on offer?

A practical, plain-speaking, energetic workshop for those of you who want either to start blogging or to supercharge what you’re already doing. BR Digital Marketing and Value Genie have put their heads together and created this workshop to enable you to supercharge your blog activity with great insights and techniques.

What’s the duration?

Just 2 hours. But it’s 2 hours that can make all the difference. The first hour is devoted to the “How to” of writing blog posts – “10 Dos to help make your blog irresistible”. And the second hour is devoted to the “How to” of reaching the right people with your blog.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone in your organisation charged with communicating news and opinions.
  • Anyone in your organisation charged with attracting interest in your offerings.
  • Anyone with insights that you want to share.
  • Anyone managing any of the above.

What’s on the agenda?

  • How can I write better blogs?
  • How do I create a compelling blog post?
  • How do I respond to blog feedback and comments?
  • How do I promote my blog?
  • How can a blog go wrong?
  • How do I measure success from my blog?


We’ll come to your offices – all we need is a room, a screen and a whiteboard.

How much?

Call Bhav on 07956 511775 for a quote.