Digital marketing tips: Decluttering your LinkedIn homepage

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Are you fed up of the constant and not-so-relevant posts you see on your LinkedIn homepage? You know the ones… the ones ranging from a company winning the best canteen coffee award, the enthusiastic recruiter who posts 27 times a day and dare I say it… updates from people like me. If it’s not useful […]

Digital marketing tips: Quick ways to unfollow people on Twitter

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Last week I mentioned lists and saved searches that can help you eliminate the noise of Twitter to an extent but every few months you should have a good ole spring-clean of the accounts you are following. You know the ones…the ones who are spam (fake) and send you dodgy links, fill your timeline with […]

3 things – Nestle, Cisco & Burger King

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One of my favourite bosses always told me to do things in three and have tried to follow that rule with most things in life. Anyway less about my history – we all like stories and most likely need stories to sell the value of digital marketing in our businesses. The idea of this 3 […]

Digital marketing tips: Seeing what you want to see on Twitter

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When I meet people who have tried Twitter once or haven’t all – their normal gripes are that Twitter is overwhelming, gives them irrelevant information and they haven’t got the time to keep up with it. Here are a few quick solutions for you. The best way in my opinion to ensure you see tweets […]

My digital profile: why should I care?

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Firstly, thank you for reading my very first post. My blog posts will endeavour to provide you with something that is plain speaking, practical and most importantly useful to you and/or your business. And if I am not doing that – please do tell me. OK so digital profiles… When was the last time you Googled […]