Search marketing in Plain English: Cloaking

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Continuing our posts on explaining search marketing in plain English – let’s look at cloaking. Cloaking is essentially when data (images, text etc) is presented to the search engine in a different way to the human visitor, i.e. Google sees the content as “BMW cars” but you as the website visitor are actually seeing a page on […]

Digital marketing tips: LinkedIn relationships

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LinkedIn have recently added functionality that can help you manage your relationships just that little bit easier.   On each your connection’s page – you will see a tab called Relationship and within that tab there are 4 areas that you can complete: Notes: general notes about that person Reminder: set alerts for when you’d […]

Posting without purpose

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The message from Superman and Batman is quite simple: Be relevant. Be of value. Be engaging. Otherwise your purpose is lost no matter who you are. This should apply to your marketing as a whole not just social media. p.s. I’d recommend watching the video – pretty funny

Digital marketing tips: HootSuite – old but definitely gold

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For no apparent reason (other than stupidity) I have not been using Hootsuite since the start of this year. For want of better description, HootSuite is a “social media management tool”. I started again last week and realised what I’d been missing out on. This post in my normal fashion is extremely short as I’d […]

Digital marketing tips: Stimuli

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Need some new ideas around the use of digital and marketing? Want to keep up to date on new channels and techniques? Or just interested in how the world of digital and marketing is constantly changing. The following websites are definitely worth looking at once or twice a week if you’re not already: Search Engine […]