Search marketing in Plain English: Ranking

Last week, we touched on crawling and indexing and this week we’ll look at what happens after that crawl and index of your webpages – the ranking. Ranking is essentially when you’ve typed in your search query, the search engine goes into its index to find pages that match and delivers you results in order […]

Search marketing in Plain English: Crawling and Indexing

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Putting some clarity around the frequently used terms in search marketing is something I’d like to do more regularly and we’ll kick off this week with crawling and indexing. Crawling Can you imagine an infinite number of spiders making their way across an infinite number of webs? The spiders start with one web, which connects […]

Digital marketing tips: Google Alerts

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Staying on top of your company’s digital profile/news/announcements, industry news and competitors to name a few is definitely not easy. The tip for today is Google Alerts – essentially email updates (daily, as-it-happens or weekly) of relevant Google search results based on your search keywords. I get my updates (you can create up to 1000 […]

My digital profile: why should I care?

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Firstly, thank you for reading my very first post. My blog posts will endeavour to provide you with something that is plain speaking, practical and most importantly useful to you and/or your business. And if I am not doing that – please do tell me. OK so digital profiles… When was the last time you Googled […]