Everything else is secondary

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First day back at work for a lot of us and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year. A quick share if I may. Every year about this time I re-watch video of Steve Jobs addressing the students at Stanford and the following words provide me with the […]

Why you?

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Why you? My view is that we never really answer this question. Why should I choose your brand, service or product? It’s…. Not because you sell more. Not because you are cheaper. Not because you have a big brand name. Not because you have years’ of expertise. Not because everyone else does. And not because […]

Our love for low hanging fruit, thinking outside the box and leveraging

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Nothing to do with digital marketing today. A quick plea if I may – all communications from any brand should be in clear and simple language. The number of times I keep seeing and hearing corporate buzzwords (or BS) like hyper connectivity, interlocking and synergy.  Am really not sure why it still exists in so many […]

Digital marketing in professional services: Too techie for me

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Over the last few months I have met quite a few marketing professionals in the professional services sector and one general misconception I found was that digital marketing was a dark art that only “techies” could understand and deliver. And therefore they didn’t really want to get involved. This prompted me to write a quick […]