Productivity tips: Evernote

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If you’re already using Evernote – stop reading right now! You are already using the greatest thing since sliced pizza. I am pretty late to the game with Evernote as I have only been really using it since the start of this year but I can honestly say it has really helped me get things […]

Digital marketing tips: Keeping it private on LinkedIn

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The most popular question that I am continually asked when running a LinkedIn workshop is “How do I stop people from seeing what I do?” This question almost goes against what LinkedIn is about, i.e. being a social network! However I guess, as with everything there is a balance. You don’t want to be the […]

Our love for low hanging fruit, thinking outside the box and leveraging

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Nothing to do with digital marketing today. A quick plea if I may – all communications from any brand should be in clear and simple language. The number of times I keep seeing and hearing corporate buzzwords (or BS) like hyper connectivity, interlocking and synergy.  Am really not sure why it still exists in so many […]

Digital marketing in professional services: Too techie for me

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Over the last few months I have met quite a few marketing professionals in the professional services sector and one general misconception I found was that digital marketing was a dark art that only “techies” could understand and deliver. And therefore they didn’t really want to get involved. This prompted me to write a quick […]

Digital marketing tips: What should I measure?

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This post is actually a prelude to another post from whom I refer to as my analytics superhero Avinash Kaushik. Many organisations especially in the professional services sector that I am aware of are still very much obsessed with the number of visits as the key performance indicator for their digital marketing. If the numbers […]