Digital marketing tips: Is mobile still the elephant in the room?

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40% of users have turned to a competitors’ site after a bad mobile experience. That is every 2 in 5 customers. Scary right? This is just a loud reminder (if you deserve it) to tell you that mobile cannot be sidelined anymore. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business if they have poorly […]

Digital marketing tips: LinkedIn relationships

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LinkedIn have recently added functionality that can help you manage your relationships just that little bit easier.   On each your connection’s page – you will see a tab called Relationship and within that tab there are 4 areas that you can complete: Notes: general notes about that person Reminder: set alerts for when you’d […]

Posting without purpose

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The message from Superman and Batman is quite simple: Be relevant. Be of value. Be engaging. Otherwise your purpose is lost no matter who you are. This should apply to your marketing as a whole not just social media. p.s. I’d recommend watching the video – pretty funny

Easy to forget the who

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“The competitors are doing it.” “We need to do something new and exciting.” “We have budget to spend.” “We need to please the CEO.” The above and many other reasons are why we end up doing digital marketing. It is very easy to forget who you are creating your website or writing tweets for. Who […]

Digital marketing tips: Google Trends

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  The what Google Trends gives you a snapshot of the interest around a particular keyword over time. The tool shows you the degree of interest and not absolute numbers around how many people searched for it. It is not It is not a sophisticated SEO or PPC tool such as my current favourite SEMRush. For […]