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iStock_000059219712_XXXLargeLast week, promotions started for Vince Vaughn’s new film Unfinished Business, a comedy based around a business trip.

As part of the film’s marketing campaign – they launched a series of stock images that poked fun at the clichéd “business” images that we’ve all been familiar with at some point in our career.

After a few awkward bursts of laughter on my train into London – it actually made me think about the numerous brands that still feature such images in their marketing materials.

Sameness, dullness and tiredness were my immediate thoughts on brands using such imagery.

If we take Superbrand’s simple definition of a brand:

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.

If I don’t know much about your brand and consume what’s out there – clichéd visuals are not going to help in forming that gut feel about you.

It’s quite simply back to the basics again – by considering who, why and what.


Who is this for?

Why are you doing it?

What value are you giving?

If you have relevant and coherent answers for all 3 of these questions – go ahead and post those lovely team-building images!

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