Search marketing in Plain English: Cloaking

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Continuing our posts on explaining search marketing in plain English – let’s look at cloaking.

Cloaking is essentially when data (images, text etc) is presented to the search engine in a different way to the human visitor, i.e. Google sees the content as “BMW cars” but you as the website visitor are actually seeing a page on “holiday villas for sale in Jersey”

It’s a completely unethical technique used to improve search rankings by manipulating the search engine robot into thinking the webpage’s content is something else other than it really is.

For example, if you’re cupcake seller and spray your website pages with the keyword “iPhone” – that would be considered cloaking. Your business has no relevance to the iPhone but you are using the popularity of such a keyword to drive your search rankings up and ultimately get you traffic.

The penalty?

Quite simple. You will be caught out quickly and banished from Google and any other search engine.



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