Productivity tips: Evernote

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If you’re already using Evernote – stop reading right now! You are already using the greatest thing since sliced pizza.

I am pretty late to the game with Evernote as I have only been really using it since the start of this year but I can honestly say it has really helped me get things done so much quicker. I can dump everything in one place and find things fast.

Evernote for me is essentially a digital scrapbook but a very intelligent and useful one. All of those notes (written, spoken or video) you make on your various devices, those emails you want to read but don’t have the time and those webpages you want to keep a copy of.  All of these things and much more can be collated, organised and managed in an extremely efficient way on Evernote.

There are so many additions that Evernote offer from business card captures, to-do lists,  to handwriting recognition.

The best thing to do to understand the potential of this tool is to give it a go. You can get a free account and upgrade later if you need more storage as well as a security measure on your mobiles/tablets.

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