Digital marketing in professional services: Too techie for me

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HomesOver the last few months I have met quite a few marketing professionals in the professional services sector and one general misconception I found was that digital marketing was a dark art that only “techies” could understand and deliver. And therefore they didn’t really want to get involved.

This prompted me to write a quick post on how I see it. Let’s start with what digital marketing actually is.

If marketing is “the art of telling a story to a buyer that they want to hear, that lets them persuade themselves they want to buy something”, according to Seth Godin. Then digital marketing is telling that story using internet channels and techniques – social media, email and SEO (search engine optimisation) for example.

The core principles are the same as for analogue/traditional marketing – it’s about resonating with your audience, being authentic and most importantly, having a remarkable story to tell.

Ultimately it’s the story that’s really important – without something “remark”able to talk about –  it doesn’t matter how much you invest.  Digital channels are just devices to help you tell that story and yes experts are needed for putting some of it together like you would a brochure or a video.

You don’t need to know about setting up a server or have HTML5 skills but do need an understanding of what channels exist, what they exactly do and how your audience should interact with them. That’s all you need to get started.

An understanding can be obtained via workshops and websites such as eConsultancy but the best way really is to get on with making something (small or big) happen. Start with a realistic project – it could be a Twitter feed, blog, landing page or a Google AdWords campaign but whatever it is make it relevant, remarkable and measurable.

My advice is to continually test and learn and don’t be scared about mucking up – sometimes that’s the only way you can obtain your desired results.

Last thought on this is that “Digital Marketing” is in the name of my business but in about 2-3 years I am quite sure I will be changing it to just BR Marketing.

For those in the professional services sector – I really do welcome any further views on this.

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