Digital marketing tips: Decluttering your LinkedIn homepage

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Are you fed up of the constant and not-so-relevant posts you see on your LinkedIn homepage?

You know the ones… the ones ranging from a company winning the best canteen coffee award, the enthusiastic recruiter who posts 27 times a day and dare I say it… updates from people like me. If it’s not useful then why do you need to see it?

Here’s an easy solution – hide all of those updates from your LinkedIn homepage view.  Your connections will still be connected to you and they will never know so that Christmas card is safe.

From your homepage, you just need to move your cursor over to your connection’s update and on the right hand side click on the ‘Hide’ link that will appear. You will also immediately have to option to click ‘Undo’ if it was mistake.

On every visit, you can keep doing this until you have the LinkedIn homepage that is most relevant to you. Another quick tip – on the top right hand corner of the updates stream – you can also filter by connections, groups and companies to name a few.

If you feel you want to give these people another chance one day, you can change your settings on LinkedIn.

Unhiding connection’s updates on LinkedIn

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