My digital profile: why should I care?

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David HasselhoffFirstly, thank you for reading my very first post. My blog posts will endeavour to provide you with something that is plain speaking, practical and most importantly useful to you and/or your business. And if I am not doing that – please do tell me.

OK so digital profiles…

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Months, weeks or years ago? Google is a pretty good window into your digital profile. Your digital profile is quite simply every single reference to you on the web – that could be a blog comment, a Facebook profile or a Race for Life sponsorship amount.

Are you still wondering about The Hoff? –  don’t worry we’ll come to him later.

All of these references paint a picture of you on the web and for those who don’t know you very well – it will also form their perceptions about you.

Here  are 5 reasons as to why you need to grab control of your digital profile:

  1. It’s already out there – made up of all the different bits of information about your business that exist online. Some will be accurate, some probably downright misleading.  
  2. More than 40% of the prospects you meet with will have Googled you, reviewed your LinkedIn profile and/or your Facebook page. (Source: CBS News)
  3. It paints a picture of your credibility – highlighting the accomplishments, commendations and credentials you’ll bring to the table.
  4. It brings in the right type of business – helping people reach conclusions about your approach, your values, and what shaped them.
  5. It forms the foundations of a rapport – establishing common ground and sowing the seeds of a relationship before you’ve even communicated.

Building the right digital profile doesn’t happen overnight and I can help you with that via this blog over the coming months.

But……if there was one thing to do now… it would be to look through your privacy settings across all of your social networks to review what is public and what is private to your connections/friends. Anything you’re even slightly uncomfortable with – make it private to yourself or a select group of people.

Think about it – do you really want a prospective client to see you in Baywatch attire from your Turkey holiday in 2009?

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